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Common Applications Of Display Racks
- Mar 01,2020 -

There are many types of supermarket shelves, and there are the following types in the classification of uses;

1. The large shopping plaza uses supermarket shelves. And in the goods suitable for large shopping malls

Many models are subdivided in the rack:

1. Yongguan-style shelves

2. Anchen shelf

3. Large-back shelf

4. Shanghai style shelves

5. Warehouse supermarket shelves

6. Center back shelf

7. Big back net type shelf

8. Wash the shelf

9. Electrical shelves

10. Trustworthy shelves, etc.

The above several kinds of shelves are commonly used shelves are distinguished according to their styles and craftsmanship. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

2. Small and medium supermarket convenience store shelves. The main features of this type of shelves are small, meticulous, flexible, and light-loaded. There are several models:

1. Small center back shelf

2. Small back net shelf

3. Four-post rack

4. Small hanging board shelf.

5. Angle steel shelf  

6. Changeable shelves

7. Shelves, etc.

3. According to the composition of supermarket shelves, it can be divided into:

1. Single-sided back net supermarket shelves

2. Double-sided back net supermarket shelves

3. Single-sided back panel supermarket shelves

4. Double-sided backplane supermarket shelves

4. In 2000, a new shelf model appeared, which is equipped with LED lights on the shelf layer to achieve the display effect.

Supermarket shelves can be combined with single-sided and double-sided, and the level can be adjusted according to the size of the product. Single-sided shelves can be combined with corners, and double-sided shelves can be combined with semicircular matching, so that the mall layout can achieve a more perfect effect.

Specialty store

Specialty stores have the highest requirements for display racks. For example, the display racks of jewelry and cosmetics showcases emphasize the overall effect as a reminder of the image. Often the materials used for this type of display racks are better and the common ones are wood, but the better material is acrylic.


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