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How To Clean The Display Stand
- Mar 08,2020 -

Everyone knows that everything needs maintenance, and the display stand is no exception. We often clean and maintain display stands to keep them shiny. However, you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily making the display stand clean, actually cause potential damage to the display stand, and your display stand will have irreparable problems, which is counterproductive. . Let me tell you about several problems that are prone to occur in the maintenance of display stands and how to avoid them. I hope it will be helpful to consumers.

When cleaning and maintaining the display stand, you must first make sure that the cloth used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn it over or change to a clean cloth before using it. Don't be lazy and reuse the soiled side again and again. This will only cause the dirt to rub on the surface of the commercial furniture repeatedly, which will damage the glossy surface of the display stand.


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