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Why Chooce Hedisplay?
- Jul 28,2021 -

Hedisplay has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification, as well as Wal-Mart, FSC, Disney and other audits, serving all over the world and various high-end brand customers, providing professional and competitive packaging display products, solutions and services for customers in Toy, consumer electronics, cosmetics, food, daily necessities, gifts, pharmaceutical and health products industries etc.

To continuously enhance the brand value for customers.You only have 10 seconds to grab customers’ attention. That passerby could be your customer if you could just get them to pick up your product. That’s why we here! Our Packaging Engineers understand how to achieve and will work with you to customize a solution to break the 10 seconds barrier. Our goal is to help you create successful retail

marketing initiatives.

We know there is no standard solution in the point of purchase field, that’s how our display solutions works – to make it as unique as your brand and products. We listen to your specific needs and collaborate to put our creative ideas up to the challenge. We just know you’ll be surprised by the results. So the only question left is, are you ready? 


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With our experience in the industry, we can cater to a number of businesses such as toys, stationery, food, electronic items, clothing , daily necessities and more.

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Packaging Box
PDQ Display
Dump Bin Display
Cardboard Display
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