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Exhibition Showcase
- Jan 31,2020 -

The production and design requirements of this kind of display cabinet are the most precise, not only in the manufacturer to ensure that the most sophisticated materials are used, but also the design requirements will be higher, which of course is inseparable from the nature of the exhibition, because the exhibition The most obvious feature is that it has gathered a large number of display merchants and a large number of user groups, so it is necessary to be able to focus users among thousands of merchants, and some effort must be made in design, including the combination of lighting, vi, and color. Exhibitors, considering the nature of the exhibition, will have certain material and safety requirements for the display cabinets of the merchants, and they will be better than the production requirements of the showcases in the mall; the exhibition cabinets are mainly used for the Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, and exhibition Commodities displayed by trade fairs in various regions such as pavilions are ordered as a whole booth.


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